Emergency Care

Emergency Care


We are available for all emergency visits and are accessible at all time

When we treat emergency patients, we believe that the most important thing is the availability of a professional and their willingness to provide the patient with direction to resolve their emergency. We begin this process in a timely manner by connecting you to an expert at BCOH.


One of the most frustrating things for patients is trying to get access to proper care and instead, being met with limitless recorded phone options. At BCOH the process is straightforward- a human being is simply one phone call, one email, or one text away. We provide you with the ability to get proper access to emergency care at your fingertips. 

Types of Emergencies​

The types of emergencies we typically encounter often include a traumatic situation such as; a fall, a broken filling, tooth sensitivity, gum swelling, or jaw and facial pain.

Preventing Emergencies

We like to prevent emergencies by encouraging our patients to get cleanings, regular check-ups and by encouraging good oral hygiene. At BCOH we work hard to precede the emergencies and to provide preventative care. 

In case of Emergencies

However, emergencies such as a fall, tooth pain, or infection do occur. If you have an emergency and need to reach us, give us a call at 617-536-4620.
Often we can reassure patients and provide appropriate instruction over the phone.
Speaking to a professional by phone, email, or text can provide comfort. 

In this day and age the ability to consult with patients with our virtual visit allows us to see them right away, see their condition and establish a working diagnosis.
That is where selfies with your smartphone come handy. Having someone take a picture while you take 2 spoons and pulling your chicks back begins the examination process. 

Our time: 4:45am EDT
Our time: 4:45am EDT
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