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The reason we’re called the Boston Center for Oral Health is because we provide all the services that a patient could need; from routine dental care to root canals, from gum surgery to implants. Everybody wants white teeth and beautiful smiles. Our mission is to provide compassionate care. For more than 35 Years as your top Commonwealth Dental practice, we have our systems down. We have our personnel down. When you come to visit BCOH, you’re walking into a mature dental practice that knows how to treat people.

Fast Service

The first step in a great office, as a preferred Boston dentist, whether it’s routine care or for people who have had other priorities. We can literally have a patient in the chair for four to six hours. And when it’s all over, they think it was just a few minutes.

35 Years of Dentistry Experience

We are a group Boston dental practice, the best dentist commonwealth and we are people who have worked together for over 35 years. One of the unique things about our practices is that we can eliminate the loss of continuity, whether it’s your gums or your implants or your need for your wisdom teeth out. People find it very comforting to be in one place with the same support system, the best dentistry in Boston.

Patient Testimonial

We’ve been friends and colleagues for over 35 years being students together at Tufts and Harvard University and BU. We’ve embraced almost every aspect of dentistry academically and clinically.

BCOH Certification

These certifications are necessary for the development of a company with ethics and the foundation of a long-lasting business.

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We Welcome Everyone

Patients are also welcome to come by and stopped in to just see and to feel it and see if it fits for them. There’s no cost to that. But a few minutes of getting over to our Boston Dental space and looking at it and saying hello. Thanks for joining us on the story of Boston Center of Oral Health.

Patient Testimonial

“The whole manner is set up to enable you to be able to relax. And Doctor Morreale takes the time to talk to you about the procedure and you know what it’s going to be all about. And also follow up afterwards. It has been a part of the way that we’ve interacted, which is which.”.  Scott McDermott, Patient

Complete Care

Our office is designed to provide for all of your oral health needs in one location. Whether you need a simple filling, an implant, invisalign, relief from jaw pain, a solution to snoring/sleep issues, or a full cosmetic rehabilitation, our specialists and restorative dentists work together closely to create a plan of care tailored to your specific needs.

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BCOH Compassionate Skill Providers

Compassionate Skilled Providers

Here at BCOH our mission is to care for people. Caring about our patients allows us to build connections and gives us meaning. BCOH was established 34 years ago, and since that time has continued to offer quality dental care, in a setting that treats each patient as part of our family.

Our dentists and staff work to understand each individual’s unique needs and goals. For many, a dental visit is not the easiest appointment to make, so to help our new patients take that first step, we set up an option for virtual visits through our HIPAA compliant video conferencing software. From the comfort of your home, visit us to get first-hand experience as to why this practice is the best place for you.


Our Judgement

Everything that we do is with your best interest in mind. We provide you with a complete evaluation – beginning with our online registration – we obtain your medical/dental history, assess TMJ, and perform sleep evaluations all from the comfort of your home!


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