Boston Orthodontics

Boston Center for Oral Health can help you achieve healthy, straight teeth and a confident smile. Whether it’s traditional braces or custom-made oral appliances such as Invisalign, we have a number of options to treat jaw, face and bite irregularities. We see patients of all ages — from pre-teens and teens to adults and seniors looking to makeover their smiles.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry specializing in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of jaw, face and bite irregularities.

Reasons for getting orthodontic treatment:

  • Crossbite: One or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth
  • Deep overbite: Lower front teeth bite into the upper tissue of the upper teeth
  • Underbite (lower jaw protrusion): Lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw
  • Overjet (protruding upper teeth): Upper teeth protrude over lower teeth, usually associated with a short lower jaw
  • Missing or extra teeth: Caused by tooth decay, injuries or inherited problems
  • Crowding: Caused by extra teeth or malpositioned teeth
  • Spacing between teeth: Teeth are missing or may be too small or too large
  • Speech, chewing or biting problems: Result from improper jaw alignment
  • Self-image: An attractive smile can boost a person’s self-image and confidence
  • Disfiguring of the face & mouth: Impact development of the jaw and position of the teeth

What types of improvements can you make?

Our team at Boston Center for Oral Health can:

  • Change the alignment of teeth
  • Improve or correct bites
  • Fill in unattractive spaces between teeth
  • Create straight, confident smiles

What treatments do you offer?

We offer the following treatment options:

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