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Teledentistry is now part of care in helping patients connect with their provider or doctor.
In our office we have the ability to link you to a private portal that is secure to assess your chief complaint, concern, pain, and provide you with care skills and judgment from the comfort of your home.

Know the Plan Ahead of Time

With the recent advent of Covid-19 it became imperative to communicate with patients. As a means of improved communication while you are at home or at work you are unable to leave where you are in order to learn what we can do to help you. We can do this in a secure platform with our “zoom like” system, HIPAA compliant. You can have at your convenience an expert in dental problems, jaw pain, you will be able to communicate with an expert from the comfort of your home.
The protocol is very simple. We send you a link to your cell phone. You are then notified of the link and get an outline of our software protocol.

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Access to Expertise Virtually

Where to Turn When you are Not Sure What to Do and Where to Go

On a flight back to Boston, Kate Jet Blue flight Attendant, was helping passengers after landing. Unfortunately a passenger pulled a piece of luggage from the overhead compartment and hit her in the side of the face.
She was rushed to the emergency room with facial swallowing, X-Rays were taken of her face. No fractures were determined but she could no longer open her mouth to her usal full extent.
Her friend mentioned teledentistry at BCOH in Boston and referred her to Doctor Morreale.
From the comfort of her home, she was able to login and have her situation assed. She was immediately referred for an MRI, it was determined that her jaw disk was out of place. All of this was determined even before she came to the office. What a time saver!
In one visit she was able to have her jaw unlocked and to leave the office with a normal opening of her mouth.

Before you make a trip in, it is important to know in advance what we will be dealing with.

So we can determine ahead of time, in a broad manner what your particular needs are so we can give you a sufficient amount of time. We want to dedicate enough time to help you and not waste your time with coming in to do an assessment.
By bypassing the assessment appointment we can save you time and money so you can spend more time with your family by doing a Telemedicine appointment. In essence via a Telemedicine appointment we will do an evaluation assessment to save you time and money. This way we can give you ahead of time what the time will be and the cost. No surprises. Don’t be surprised when you go to the dentist. We prevent surprises, people don’t like surprises. People want to know ahead of time what to expect. It is hard enough to go to the dentist; we want to do everything we can to make your visit comfortable by giving you all the information ahead of time. Weather what the different options are and now with the use of IPhone we have patient sending in selfies. Take a selfie of your teeth, of your gum and show us ahead of time of what the problem is so we can be prepared and save you time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tele dentistry is a telemedicine program that allows patients to talk to a doctor without having to go to the doctor's office

Tele dentistry is a relatively new dental care delivery system that allows dentists to provide dental services to patients remotely.

Tele dentistry is a dental service that allows patients to connect with their provider or doctor using a video conference call.

Tele dentistry is a relatively new technology that allows dental professionals to provide dental services to patients remotely. This technology includes video conferencing and other digital tools that allow dentists to see, diagnose, and treat patients without having to be in the same room. Tele dentistry has many benefits, including improved access to dental care for rural and underserved populations, decreased costs for patients and providers, and increased efficiency for providers.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a technology that allows healthcare professionals to collect, track, and monitor patient health data remotely. RPM can help you by providing timely information about your health that can help you manage your condition. RPM also allows healthcare professionals to intervene sooner if a problem arises.

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